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Helping You

If you want to resolve a difficulty or to change your life in some way, then help is only a phone call way. It's not always easy to seek help, but I can certainly guide you if you ring me on mobile 086 3045101.

Change is always hard and even lifting the phone to ask about things may seem daunting. So I've provided information to help you make a decision. But I understand that the most pressing question is, "How does it all work?"

If I'm working with you, I begin by assessing your basic needs and your suitability for psychotherapy. I would encourage you to come initially for one or two sessions before you make your mind about continuing. Many issues can be resolved quite quickly - in say six to ten sessions. But some find it so useful in their lives that they stay for longer or return now and then when issues arise.

Psychotherapy is a way of helping you to reach decisions about yourself. But it's your therapy - and decisions about how many sessions you need are ultimately up to you. So I hope the site helps you in to make a decision. If you are considering psychotherapy or counselling in any way, give me a ring on 086 3045101. There's no obligation. Alternatively, drop me a line on Either way, I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.


I work with a psychodynamic approach, using a person centred non-directive psychotherapy. I also encourage creativity and self expression and have considerable experience in dream work. A few times a week I blog at Psychotherapy in Dublin so if you are interested in images and symbols please pay me a visit. It's designed to be accessible, thought-provoking and an occasional resource for relaxation and mindfulness.


Reduce stress
This is an example of an exercise for reducing stress and stopping these worries circulating around in your mind. Just click on the picture.

Affordable Therapy
In these times of economic crisis and recession, we are all experiencing uncertainty. It can make existing difficulties feel worse and even trigger the reappearance of old anxieties. Someone once said there was no problem like a money problem. Whether that's true or not, it makes things feel even more difficult for many of us. But no problem is unsurmountable. "With courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything." 
The teamwork is the alliance between client and therapist that will help you to manage these feelings appropriately in an affordable way. Fees can be negotiated within a certain range. If you live in or near Dublin and you feel that counselling or psychotherapy is for you, it's always worth giving me a call.

Coinneach Shanks  Psychotherapist 
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