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Recession and Psychotherapy

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Recession and affordable solutions

Periods of recession can prove very difficult for many people. Some people find themselves without work or are anticipating periods of unemployment. Others find it extremely difficult to manage on existing finances. Perhaps there is now only one income in the household, whereas previously there were two.
Anxiety or depression about the future makes it very hard to manage. Feelings of uncertainty are typical. People find it harder to cope with tensions and worries that seemed manageable before. Relationships can suffer during economic downturns. And sometimes feelings surface that are new to the person concerned. 
Brief or solution-focused psychotherapy can help. Your psychotherapy would have a definite time span, which is easier to budget. And in addition, psychotherapists are generally sensitive to the financial capacity of clients and will, within reason, adjust fees to accommodate difficulties.
I have experience in working with clients on tight budgets. If you are thinking about psychotherapy and are worried about affordability, then either email or ring 086 3045101 for a confidential chat about affordable solutions.